Monday, December 8, 2008

The Good Book

Ah, the festive Christmas Season. I remember quite well, as a young nerd, my dad gathering us on the big living room couch. The lights turned low. The Christmas tree blazing forth with twinkling lights. A glass of egg nog in my tiny paw. He would then pull out the Good Book:

The Sears Wish Book was the most amazing publication known in the world of kids. Each page exploded with nothing but the best toys on the face of the earth. Toys that you would NEVER find by just browsing the store.

While these colorful pages bring back many a happy memory, I also rue the fact that at different points in life, I've gotten rid of most of these plastic and die-cast treasures.

All of the above catalog scans were taking from one of my favorite web sites ever:

This site is a haven for nerds and nostalgia buffs alike. Links to Christmas Catalogs, old biker magazines, and advertisements galore are just a teensy part of this site.
But I must warn you. Like some sort of Pirate Cave, this web site will lure you deeper and deeper into its depths filled with massive amount of coolness. I swear, I've dissappeared for days at a time while visiting. So, gather some canned goods and bottle water and check itout.

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