Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cartoon Saturday: Rubik the Amazing Cube

It had to be a special person who came up with this cartoon:

I don't know about you, but I couldn't solve a Rubik's Cube for the life of me. I got very good at peeling off the stickers and replacing them in their proper position. But every now and then, the news would show the world record holder for solving the Rubik's Cube in the fastest time. Their hands would be a blur of fury, and then, ta-da...a fully solved Rubik's Cube.

So, what better way to extoll the wonders of the cube than to immortalize it in a cartoon. In Rubik the Amazing Cube, a magical elf-creature lives inside a Rubik's Cube. In order for the elf to come out and help solve mysteries, three kids have to constantly solve the cube which is always becoming a jumbled mess.

Well thank heavens for these brilliant children. Left to me, Rubik would never be solved. Thus, he would starve to death inside his little prison, and the world's mysteries would never be solved. And then, the world would crumble into anarchy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Joe Friday: Dressing Up

I now believe the best way to play with one's favorite G.I. Joe, is to play while dressed up as one's favorite G.I. Joe.

And imagine all the respect you would demand from your boss if you showed up to work dressed like this:

All of these fine uniforms come from the good folks at Pepin Enterprises.

And ladies, don't feel left out. There's plenty of options for you too.

Unfortunately, Pepin carries no G.I. Joe unforms. But, come on. I think very few people could pull off this look:

So, gather all of your minions together. Start your own platoon. And wreak havoc on you local community.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

R.I.P. Khan

Ricardo Montalban: 1920-2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toy Tuesday: Tomy Omnibot

As a Star Wars buff, I wanted my own beeping R2-D2. And I'd seen enough Sci-Fi flicks to learn that I better start getting on the good side of robots.

So imagine my joy when I opened my Sears Wishbook and saw the Tomy Omnibot. I knew that the wave of the future was here.

I could just imagine myself lying on the couch and beckoning my little droid to bring me a nice cold glass of Cherry Kool-Aid with the built in cup holder. How that Kool-Aid would make it out of the fridge and into the waiting hands of my Omnibot was a thought well beyond my little brain.

Or perchance I could have my super robot defeat all of my enemies with a simple turn of his murderous claw. "Why, no officer, I don't know how Timmy's arm got ripped off."

And I could make all of my demands while listening to some sweet tunes on the built-in cassette player.

Plus, I could make all of these commands using this sweet, high-tech remote. This baby was something off of the Space Shuttle.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheap Thrills

So, I think I've discovered a new secret love:

The Undiscovered Playthings Blog

This blog is window shopping for us true nerds. And I give you Exhibit A:

It's Star Knight!!

I like to imagine that at some point after Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader came back to life. Ruing his past evils, Darth dedicates his life to nothing but law and order. Thus, he joins the cast of CHiPs and tracks down speeders on the 101.

I'm really not too sure what IC SOUND is, but it's gotta be something amazing or Darth Vader wouldn't endorse it.

You've got to check out the Undiscovered Playthings Blog. It's chock full of those bootleg toys that you never knew existed. Toys you shouldn't own, but, doggone it, you just gotta have.