Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cartoon Saturday: Police Academy

Take a hit comedy with bouts of nudity and swearing...animate it...and what do you get: Police Academy the Cartoon.

Mahoney, Hooks, Callahan, Zed, Jones, and Captain Harris are all here. The wackiness and zaniness of our Police Academy heroes were no longer held prisoner by the silver screen. I could now plop down daily in front of my TV and see what kind of trouble Mahoney could get himself into today. Clown gangs. A gangsta rap opening. Robot cops. Oh, and did I mention they even added a professor? Amazing!!

And don't forget the wonderful products that resulted from this show.

Who wouldn't want a Police Academy-themed birthday party complete with party favors?

Need a get out of jail card, then flash this baby:

Or just live the dream of attending your own Police Academy.

But look, I could spend all day talking about the values and virtues of this show. I think you need to experience it for yourself:

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