Friday, January 23, 2009

Joe Friday: G.I. Joe #1

As a kid, I ate up the G.I. Joe comics. They were, in my young mind, "edgier" than the cartoon. I remember finding out that Stormshadow and Snake Eyes were blood brothers. Dear lord, that was some deep stuff!

Now IDW Publishing is releasing a new comic series. It's titled...get ready for it...G.I. Joe #1.

It's supposed to give us the origins of the bitter rivalry between those all-American Joes and those dastardly Cobras.

The cover art looks pretty darn good. And, as we all know, you ALWAYS judge a comic based on its cover!! Especially when Scarlett makes an appearance.

Oh, and thanks to, I can truly relive the true G.I. Joe #1.

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