Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Reminisce: Speeder Biker Club

Even with those ever so cute and cuddly Ewoks, Return of the Jedi had one of the greatest chase scenes in history: Speederbikes through Endor.

Sure I felt a little woozy in my stomach watching this on the big screen. And, yes, I regretted eating all that red licorice and pop corn. But, dang, this scene blew my young mind. But, then, I almost had a coronary when I came across this while perusing the shelves of my local toy store:

Whoa. You mean I can treat my living room like the Wookie's home planet? AND if I push the right button my speeder bike will blow up? How can I not purchase this?

And, let's admit it, the Biker Scout was one of the coolest Storm Troopers ever!!

Alas, with constantly blowing up my Speeder Bike, it finally fell apart. But fortunately George Lucas has never met a dollar he didn't like. And in 1997, I was reunited with a Speeder Bike COMPLETE with Biker Scout. Life was indeed good.

And if only life could truly be like this:

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