Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Naturals Power

Look, a word of advice. If you should stumble across a sealed tomb, don't open it. For if you should, you just might unleash: The Super Naturals!!

When the Tomb of Doom was opened, its spirits came rushing out.

And Casper they weren't. They were evil spirits and had names like:




And as a pet, they had an evil dragon named Dark Dragon.

But let's not forget our heros. The beings responsible for corralling this festering evil.


Eagle Eye

And the good guys got to fly around on Lionwings.

The cool thing about Super Naturals was the hologram sticker placed on the figure's torso. Look, I'm no scientist. As far as I know, holographic stickers are made using black magic. But these figures were awesome and a might bit scary at the same time. I don't even think our brave friends in G.I. Joe would want to tackle one of these guys in some dank, haunted castle.

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