Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Cartoons: A Snorking Good Time

Take the Smurfs. Place them in an enchanted kindom (named Snorktown) under the sea. And you get: The Snorks!! Somewhere, somehow, Smurf DNA was crossed with Flounder DNA, and it produced creatures with little snorkels (get it..."Snorks")on top of their heads that allowed them to breath, shoot through the water, and produce music.

Here's the cast of characters:

Allstar the cool athletic Snork.

Casey, the tomboy/Smurfette of the bunch.

Tooter, the Harpo Marx of the Snorktown gang.

And let's not forget Daffney, the rich chick voiced by Bart Simpson himself/herself.

And I must say, Snorks were a tad bit more modest that Smurfs. After all, Smurfs went bare-chested flaunting their three-apple high physiques, while Snorks had a full outfit of clothes to cover their shamefulness. And while the smurfs were all about conformity with their same blue color, Snorks were all about diversity with their multi-colored bunches.

The only problem with Snorks: almost no merchandising. No action playsets. No snork submarine.

You could get yourself a coloring book, but even more majestically...

You could attend the Ice Capades and check out the Snorks live and in person!!


  1. Hell, yeah! I'm the first comment!

    As for the Snorks...

    Snorks are for pussies! Real people watch the Galaxy Rangers who can whip the shit out of your shitty little Snorks anyday of the week! Snorks, and everybody who watches that crap, can go suck a dick! Especially you Nerd Boy! As the old saying goes,


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  2. Hey, kalinara! It's me Elizabeth. Nice to see you go after this douchebag who thinks Snorks are a godsend.

    Wake up people! The Snorks were nothing more than a cash grab (a crappy one at that), capitalizing off of the success of the Smurfs. It's total bullshit! Anybody who supports garbage like the Snorks are fucking trolls who deserve cancer at the highest level. Skinheaded chemotherapy addicts, that's what the Snork fanbase is nothing but! I will never become that SCUM!

    Rangers are forever indeed kalinara! (gives hugs and kisses)

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