Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Force to be Reckoned With

We all have that one movie in life that stays with us forever. This movie typically comes when we are at that young, impressionable age when entertainment triumphs over content.

I present to you, Megaforce!!

This movie had it all. Flying motorcycles. Lasers. Armor-ridden dune buggies. Missiles. And dudes with hairy beards.

Megaforce must have played on HBO nonstop for two weeks. During those two weeks of Utopia, I memorized every line and souped my bike up with fake missiles and machine guns. Unfotunately, I could never get it to fly, but I don't that BMX's were engineered for that feat of magnificence.

Forget the U.N., because when freedom is threatened throughout the globe, call on the weapon-ridden Megaforce under the leadership of Barry Bostwick...aka Commander Ace kick some terrorist butt!!

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