Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Night Alive

So, back in the day, Saturday night at the Nerdlander home was spent watching the delicious programming that only network television could provide. One of those shows that truly impacted my life was Diff'rent Strokes. This showed exactly what could happen when a successful business man broadens his horizons by taking in his dead housekeepers kids. Priceless.

Arnold and his older brother Willis were constantly having misadventures with hilarious consequences. But then, one day, the suits decided that they needed to have a very "special" episode:

What the?!...Kidnapping, Child Molestation. My mind exploded at the fact that one week Mr. Drummond was trying to hide the fact that Arnold's gold fish died, while the next week Arnold and his buddy were about to be molested by the guy from WKRP. In all honesty, I learned alot more about life during the episode where Arnold foiled a bankrobbery than I did during this one.

But alas, then Diff'rent Strokes jumped the shark and Mr. Drummond married the chick from Designing Women. However, again, the suits decided that even though they added a little tow-headed boy, they needed another "special" episode. And, oh dear lord, Sam eventually gets kidnapped!!!

But, not to go out on a downer, here's an episode in stereophonic Japanese:

Not sure why the A-Team has picked the Drummond household to shoot in, but, hey, it works for me.

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