Monday, November 24, 2008

Almost Paradise...

Ahhh...the 1980's arcade. Rush blasting on the speakers. Smoke as thick as a London fog. Greasy pizza. Hot nachos. And neutral ground whereapon the nerds and the cool kids could come together in peace. I mean, where else could a kid in his lemon yellow Atlanta Braves Peter Pan Peanut Butter Club t-shirt hang out with dudes sporting AC/DC t-shirts chainsmoking a mile a minute.

Well, check this joint out: It's the Luna City Arcade.

The saint behind this Shangri-La is a man by the name of Peter Hirschberg!!
This mad genius with a heart for classic arcades built himself a temple filled with over a hundred classic arcade games. But don't get any ideas about making a pilgrimage. This place is PRIVATE!! However, Mr. Hirschberg is no Grinch, and this story has a happy ending. The Luna City Arcade occassionally opens to the public for random game days. In fact, here's some video of his latest:

As you can tell, this was a benefit for a worthy cause.

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