Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toy Tuesday: Tomy Omnibot

As a Star Wars buff, I wanted my own beeping R2-D2. And I'd seen enough Sci-Fi flicks to learn that I better start getting on the good side of robots.

So imagine my joy when I opened my Sears Wishbook and saw the Tomy Omnibot. I knew that the wave of the future was here.

I could just imagine myself lying on the couch and beckoning my little droid to bring me a nice cold glass of Cherry Kool-Aid with the built in cup holder. How that Kool-Aid would make it out of the fridge and into the waiting hands of my Omnibot was a thought well beyond my little brain.

Or perchance I could have my super robot defeat all of my enemies with a simple turn of his murderous claw. "Why, no officer, I don't know how Timmy's arm got ripped off."

And I could make all of my demands while listening to some sweet tunes on the built-in cassette player.

Plus, I could make all of these commands using this sweet, high-tech remote. This baby was something off of the Space Shuttle.

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