Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Reminisce: The Powerjet XT-7

Remember the days before a couple hundred cable stations. Yep. Those were the cave man days alright. Or were they?

I present to you The Captain Power Powerjet XT-7.

We didn't have no fancy, dandy plasma screen televisions back in the day. But we did have TV shows that could interact with your toys. And the cool thing bout the Powerjet XT-7 was that you could rack up points shooting stuff on the Captain Power Television Show.

But beware. Get you rear kicked enough by the boob tube, and Captain Power gets ejected from his Powerjet.

I had no idea how in the world something on television could become tangent in the form of blowing my toys up. But dang if the Powerjet XT-7 didn't provide me with endless entertainment. Well, endless until the show got cancelled and my videotape wore out.

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