Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Shirt Tales

Teams of cute, furry creatures abounded on Saturday Mornings while I was growing up. So let's add the Shirt Tales to the bunch.

Kip Kangaroo

The Shirt Tales were a gang of cute, cuddly animals who lived in a large tree and solved mysteries. Their gimmick: Their shirts would light up with whatever they were thinking/feeling. (I wonder what my shirt would be saying right now?)

The gang was comprised of:

Tyg Tiger

Pammy Panda

Digger Mole

Rick Racoon

Bogey Orangutan (He spoke like Bogart)

Kip Kangaroo

Now, while these little animals were cute and sweet, their ride was as bad as all get out. The Shirt Tales SuperSonic Transport. This thing could turn into any vehicle called for: Car, Jet, Submarine, Boat, and Killer Tank. Oh, and keep in mind that the Shirt Tales Secret Base was in a big tree in a park. Thus, Ranger Dinkle had to be thwarted at every turn. It's a good thing he never noticed a big tree opening up and a kicking jet flying out.

And since the Shirt Tales were originally designed by Hallmark, you know the merchandising was solid. I, of course, had:

The Shirt Tales Game

And Shirt Tales Bedding

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