Monday, February 23, 2009

When Vans Ruled the Earth

The classic customized van. Did anything rule harder?

I mean, look at that van. Could anything be more artistic? As a kid, I really wanted my parents to get one of these sweet rides. I could imagine cruising down the road, sitting in a captain's chair, feet dug into shag carpet, while other kids driving by would wonder enviously who was lucky enough to own this van!

The Force was definitely with this van and all who ride in it.

Any van with giraffes is alright in my book.

The standard for a cool van is simple: 1970's production, mag wheels, shag carpet, wood paneling, and glorious airbrushing.

But the Holy Grail of all custom vans is having either a wizard, pegasus, or beautiful woman airbrushed on the side. This creation has ALL THREE!!

Keep on keeping on, America!!

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