Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cartoon Saturday: This is Ghostbusters?

If one were to mention Ghostbusters, you would immediately think of: Ray, Winston, Peter, Egon, and Slimer.

So who in the heck are these guys?!!:

I mean, a monkey in a fedora? That ain't no Ghostbuster. And what's up with that flying bat thing? A poor substitute for our junk-food binging Slimer.

And what happened to Ecto-1? Instead, we get some sort of jalopy with the Scream mask on the front. How can you respond to ghost sightings without flashing blue strobes and a siren that sounds like a strangled cat?

Having the heart of a secret agent, I did a thorough investigation of this cartoon. Alright, I went to IMDB. Here's what I found:

Eddie, Jake and their pet gorilla Tracy track down and eliminate ghosts with the help of a few supernatural sidekicks. This is an animated remake of the live-action series, "The Ghost Busters" (1975), and is in no way related to the more well-known film "Ghostbusters"

So there you go. This head-scratching cartoon by Filmation is an animated version of a show that nobody watched. Now I got it.

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  1. thank you so much with this info ! i just won a bet with my dad because of this information !


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