Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Christmas Time Fun!!

Growing up in the midwest, we didn't have your fancy-dandy high-end department stores. We had Zayre where you could get the latest Wrangler Jeans or Conair Product. And then after filling your red cart with bargains, you could head on over to the snack bar for a giant pretzel and a Coke.

Zayre was a veritable Shangri-La to us kids. It had aisles filled to the ceiling with toys. And at Christmas, they expanded the toy department with the latest in children's crack.

You'd be watching your favorite T.V. show's special Christmas episode, when, BAM!, a Zayre's ad would come on, thus reminding you of all the stuff you just had to have.

Yes, they were opened 24 Hours right before Christmas. Now I could wake my mom up at 3:00 AM and beg her to go out and get my loot!!

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