Monday, December 15, 2008

A Crimson Christmas

God Bless movies made on toys from my childhood. I'm not saying the new GI Joe movie coming out next year will be good, but it's forced Hasbro to start releasing "25th Anniversary" GI Joe toys.

And one of these nuggets is the Cobra Crimson Guard.

Let's face it. While Cobra is an evil entity that needs to be exterminated, they did have some uniforms that were unbelievably cool.

Imagine this guy coming at you from across the battlefield. I'd wet myself and renounce freedom in all its glorious splendor.

The best thing about these re-releases is that the packaging is almost identical to the original.

I love how the Crimson Guard is good at accounting. I'll remember that next April. I'm sure he's great at write-offs. Stolen booty?...Oh, yeah, that's deductible.

And Hasbro has gotten me salivating with this tid-bit:

Mwaaa-haha...More to come!!

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