Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Reminisce: A Toast to Star Trek

Face it. As kids we went to fast food restaurants because we either saw their commercial a billion times and wanted to fit in or we wanted to get the special toys/promotionals that were offered.

And one of the greatest promtionals was Taco Bell's 1984 Star Trek the Search for Spock Glasses Set:

These glass ruled the universe, and I ate for their for weeks to obtain the entire set!! My stomach lining has not yet recovered.

Who would not want to guzzle Kool-Aid with Spock's face glaring at you in all his Vulcan logic?

Although Lord Kruge did make me sort of lose my appetite with his zombie-like glow.

I also never realized how much it looks like Spock's and Kirk's eyes are being ripped out during Fal-Tor-Pan.

And let's not forget the destruction of the Enterprise. If I hadn't been so young, I might have needed a little something stronger the Fruit Punch flavored Kool-Aid to forget this horrific scene.

And with those cool rings at the bottom of the glass, I could imagine that I was imbibing during a voyage of the Enterprise...before it got blown the heck up.

Oh, and they were only 69 Cents!!

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