Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Cartoons: The Get Along Gang

Ah, the 80's. Besides the toys and high fashions, the 80's were known as a time when complete nuclear annihilation at the hands of the soviets could occur at any time.

Thus, the Get Along Gang was created. These furry, talking animals taught us the value of life...a life of compliance.

The gang was comprised of:

Montgomery the Moose...leader and good sport.

Dotty Dog...the perky cheerleader.

Woolma Lamb...the vanity driven ovine.

Zipper Cat...the athletic thug of the bunch.

Portia Porcupine...the mentaly unstable one.

Bingo Beaver...the Vegas-addicted gambler.

The plot lines of the Get Along Gang were pretty basic: A problem, followed by getting along, followed by solving the problem. Not the most exciting of all cartoons...which is probably why it only lasted one year.

Even as a kid, I knew that this cartoon was rather lame. But, darn it, I learned to get along!!

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