Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!!

It was a Blue Thunder Birthday!!

So, my birthday falls at the beginning of December. Which is a good thing. Because, unlike my sap friend born on December 24th, I got to have birthday gifts. So, in a way, I had TWO Christmases. What a deal!!

Now, imagine if you will, coming home from school on a cold winter's day (sounds like a Mama's and Papa's song) to find a brightly wrapped gift under the Christmas tree. But this gift wasn't wrapped in snowmen or Santa Claus wrapping paper. Oh, no. It was wrapped in BIRTHDAY paper. So I shred into that paper like a fat man at the Old Country Buffet. Lo and behold, I had a Blue Thunder Helicopter complete with Roy Scheider action figure!!

Now, for those of you who don't know what a Blue Thunder is...well, I'll tell you. It was only the most futuristic helicopter ever built. It made Kitt look like a Yugo. And it had a huge gun on the front. Because it could also fit GI Joe figures, it was perfect for blowing up Cobras.

For more mind-blowing pictures, head over here.

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